Calinda has been developed by the start up Kinoa in collaboration with a young team of inventors between 17 an 20 years old in the context of the KibiGO format.

Calindais drink dispenser activated through voice control.

Thanks to her  AI  she understands the spoken language and understands users’ requests of serving a drink or preparing a cocktails.

Calinda always comes up with a nice joke after every requests, so to make your experience a bit more  funny.

Right now Calinda is specialized in serving aperol  spritz, mixing in the proper manner aperol, soda and prosecco. However, Calinda can be re-programmed to serve different types of cocktails and drinks.

Many different cocktails

Moscow Mule
Angelo Azzurro

Talk to Calinda

« Hey Calinda, can i have a spritz? »

« Sure, those who drink only water have something to hide »

« Thanks Calinda! »

Choose your Calinda

Calinda Home

small and domestic

Calinda Reatil

available 24/7, a real bar


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